Minor Update and Soundtrack

Hey there everyone, Nico here!
Made some minor changes and bugfixes for the game:

  • Made the player's rotation slow down faster so I don't get dizzy while watching your awesome gameplay videos.
  • Removed the bounce that the Ubb does when you eat it. It was fun but confusing for players.
  • Gave the Gump Sucker more muscles to increase the force it does when the player gets hit.
  • Made the Orro look more elegant when it overlaps itself.
  • Increased the first nursery wall collision. The wall breaks easier and my heart will be at peace now.
  • Removed the possibility of a premature evolution in the nursery. Borrus should take things one at a time.

Also, we will be releasing the Soundtrack tomorrow! We will update the game page with links to Youtube and Bandcamp once everything is ready.

That's all for now! Thanks everyone for your messages and for enjoying the game!


SwallowTheSea_v1_1_Windows.zip 43 MB
May 08, 2020
SwallowTheSea_v1_1_Mac.zip 43 MB
May 08, 2020
SwallowTheSea_v1_1_Linux.zip 43 MB
May 08, 2020

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