Perfect Vermin is now on Steam and Linux! ( Extras)

Get Perfect Vermin on Steam!

Perfect Vermin can now be played on Linux as well as Windows devices!

This update also includes:

  • An exclusive poster!
  • Controller Support!
  • Reimplementation of cut props (soup, water bottles, etc.)
  • Numerous Bug Fixes.

Files 276 MB
Nov 06, 2020 528 MB
Nov 06, 2020

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Thanks for the Linux version! Here's a bug I found: if I turn on the "invert mouse y" instead of the view getting inverted I become unable to look up and down.

Hi, thanks for playing, we have now released a patch that should address the issue you encountered.

Let us know if you have any other difficulties.

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The Linux build now runs in ~5 fps. Performance was good (~60 fps) before this update.  Nevermind. I rebooted my computer and now the game works fine. Thanks for the support.