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It's not violence if they're vermin.

Your task is simple, exterminate all vermin. The sledge hammer you have been provided is capable of destroying almost all office appliances and furniture that may be uncooperative. Your time is running out.

Perfect Vermin was developed by Maceo bob Mair and Angad Matharoo.  Sound Design by Chris Dang and Composed by Daniel Shypilov.

Perfect Vermin is a free game available for Windows computers.

Note: Perfect Vermin is not compatible with older Intel laptops and will encounter constant issues.

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This was such an interesting concept and such a way to talk about illness! Great game! Here's my gameplay!


HELLO, gotta say it was pretty fun smashing & breaking stuff in the office; though it didn't last long sadly it was still fun non-the-less to mess around. 


This game's pretty cool, man. I always enjoy playing something weird. Thanks for the fun!


what exactly is the story here? I feel like I might be a bit dense because I'm not exactly grasping it


I believe it's about cancer. Treatment is about finding those "impostor" cells that start showing up where they shouldn't be and destroying them. Although not desirable, the process usually ends up harming regular cells, too. And naturally, it's all on a timer.


No Commentary :)


This game feels so satisfying to play! The way everything breaks and sounds! This is such a wonderful and bizarre experience!


I really enjoyed being able to destroy almost everything and it took by surprise the actual message of the game. I think it was well executed, for a game that is so simple and short the message was loud and clear. Great job!

Here is a play through:


We really enjoyed playing & discussing Perfect Vermin on Indie Game Club (it’s like a book club for indie games)! 

You can watch the video here:

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Is it possible to add graphics options? I understand that due to the quirks of the Unreal Engine, the game breaks utterly and unavoidably at low frame rates (which I have.)

If the graphics (e.g. render resolution, post-processing) can be turned down to increase the frame rate, this should abate the issue, yeah?


I was disappointed, and feel slightly mislead. The game seemed to have an interesting premise, looking for things that are out of place, and enjoyably smashing them with a hammer. This was fun for the first two levels, or so, and I wish that the entire game could have continued like this. Unfortunately, this game-play is only a surface cover, for a short and linear plot based game, reusing the same few rooms, and devolving into abstract horror nonsense. Imagine playing the first two levels of a Mario game, and having a blast, before finding yourself unexpectedly in some creepy pasta rom hack, wishing that you could have continued on a real adventure...


It's not "abstract horror nonsense" or a "Creepy pasta rom hack", you'd know that if you bothered to actually pay attention to any of it. It's actually a really well-done allegory for a horrible situation.

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Sure, and I'll grant you that much. It's a great allegory, and would work wonderfully as a short film. However, this is a game, and unlike film, a good story with crisp presentation is not enough. The key element in what makes a good game is... Well, gameplay, as the name would imply. It's too short, lacks player creative input, you can't really 'win' other than to complete the sequence. A game shouldn't support the story, but rather the story should set engaging context to support the gameplay.

Perfect Vermin could have had A+ context if you were literally smashing disguised monsters with a hammer. That's already interesting and creative. Then, like squirting ketchup on a steak, it cuts the fun short, to execute it's allegory, which wasn't needed in the first place.

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Well Think Of It Like This Though
The Things We Are Destroying We Call "Vermin"
Are Just Cancer Cells That Spreaded To Much
Its Short Because Well Cancer Can Kill Fast So I Get Its Short But Cancer Can Make The Life Short Too So It Make A Bit More Sense Too But This "Game" Was Not To Fully For "Fun" But Bringing A Story With A Bit Of Interaction

Its Short Because The Guys Life Was Short Also it Was Made In Memorial Of Someone 
So If You Want My Thoughts Its A Good Game Even If Its Short



Honestly this game has about everything that I could have asked for: fun gameplay, awesome twist, with a very thought-provoking and well-written ending that changes everything. Really top notch stuff!


This game was incredible and very clever. The ambiance was creepy and magnificent. This was very well put together but it was incredibly well thought and clever. I would rate it 5/5


The idea. The music. The atmosphere. 
I am so glad that I was following itsthemaceo since "Swallow The Sea", cannot wait to see your next project!  


Its is really support like this that is the reason we do this in the first place. Keep your eyes peeled there is more strangeness on the horizon.


e um jogo muito bom eu sei que so americano conhece isso e so um pouquinho do brasil sabe desse jogo mas isso e uma bela reprecentacao do cancer


We are glad you guys are enjoying the game over in Brazil! The entire Dev team is actually Canadian so at least some people outside of America know about it haha.


Super weird, unconventional horror game. Very cool. My brain started breaking when I had to play two games at the same time lmao, thanks for making this oddity.


i love this game but the field of view screws me up, any way to change it?




I don't know what did I played but it was awesome

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What's with the gray unbreakable doors? Why would they be there just to be a door that's unbreakable? I also feel like the light switches are very oddly placed and seem so perfectly clean and silent to smash.

Honestly those would be great things to hide some kind of secret somehow. If there is any secrets they're certainly well-hidden, doesn't look like anybody has found any and I couldn't find any either.

Both of those give you an achievement for hitting them enough.


This is the type of dark shit i ADORE to see good job my man!


I went into the game knowing only that I get to smash stuff! I really enjoyed the unfolding of the story and while the game wasn't what I had anticipated, it became something more thought-provoking and interesting than just a game about smashing stuff. Great job! 


I dont know why i am the only user having problems with the game i see a lot of videos of people playing with 0 problems.

Then why im the only one having problems


Apologies that you have been encountering issues.

Most issues are encountered due the game being run on Intel laptop which are incompatible with the game.

Other issues can be caused by the game being run on hardware that is below minimum specs. Unreal (the engine the game is made in) becomes unstable at very low frame rates which can cause serious issues.

If neither of these seem to be the issues you are encountering please let me know.

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I can't put my finger on why this is one of the best games I've ever played. Anyhow, I was able to flesh out the character "Sherman Gout" that I created when playing Perfect Vermin. I  don't expect anyone to like it or even be able to sit through it, but I respect your work and creativity and wanted to share it here. Thank you! 



What? I don't even understand... Well I'm glad you enjoyed the game. This is definitely the most unique take on it I have seen thus far.


Very happy to know that our game inspired such an amazing character with such third dimensional depth, I like it. Happy you had fun with Perfect Vermin.


Great game! Weird stuff, but I really enjoyed myself.


That was a great game, well done! Every part of it was great.

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first game on my three random games. actually really enjoyed it. interesting twist at the end.


It's a nice and fun game and I really liked it. That's all I can really say. :)

Well that was the wackiest game I've played in a while lol. I have no idea what it was all about but I can't deny it was fun taking out my stress on the office! One suggestion, slow down the delivery of the text I couldn't read it it moved so fast so if there was any story, I missed it completely. But thanks for uploading, it was smashing fun! :D




lmao whats wrong 


nah it's just that the game is great, I liked the music a lot.


words cannot express how much I like this short game.


Great game! What an experience. I played it for my Bloodcurdling Barrage in which I do 31 horror games and post a video every day of October. I really enjoyed this one. Had some slight video issues but that was my fault, not yours.

Had a lot of bugs :< 

But I enjoyed it anyway! I finished the game on part 2.

Apologies that you encountered issues. Unreal can get very unstable at low FPS on devices under minimum specs which causes what you encountered here.

Glad you enjoyed the game.


Is there a way to "win" the game, like getting a good ending? For example, what if you smashed 20 vermins in the last level. Is there an alternative ending?

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Perfect Vermin features one ending. However there are secrets within the game.


But I am still wondering what happens if I killed all the cursed furniture on the last level. Does it just have the exact same results?


Fantastic game, well worth the time to play and I recommend folks drop a few bucks on this as a tip! Very fun, imaginative and takes you for a super bizarre twist!


I am scared of and in awe of your imagination in equal measure, this was incredible and massively poignant for a game that is essentially about smashing stuff. Keep these kind of games coming!!


WHOAAAAA we had a gooood time


Hey! I really really enjoyed ur game. I played it while streaming and even made a video about it! 

here it is


I done it! I exterminated the vermin!


Now, THAT was quite a trip. Everything about this game was great and well done and a ton for fun. 

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