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All Hail the Heat Death is a 4-player isometric black hole shooter about skeletons that don't exist. Play as one of 4 colourful skeletons in this maybe reality as they desperately kill each-other in the newborn cosmos.  Bullets that collide create black holes. Black holes that merge create bigger black holes. The biggest black holes end the universe!

All Hail the Heat Death requires 2-4 controllers to play.

All Hail the Heat Death was made in 1 month at Vancouver Film School as a portfolio project. 

All Hail the Heat Death was developed by:

Maceo bob Mair  - Game Design and Art

Ben Breuer - Level Designer/Voice Actor

Allie Shackleford - Programming

Sermet Ugur Gurbuz - Programming

Daniel Shypilov - Composer

Taylor Hovey - Additional Programming


All Hail The Heat Death.7z 92 MB

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Does this require a controller to play? Couldn't figure out how to control the menu with mouse/keyboard.

All Hail the Heat Death requires 4 controllers to play.

I have updated the games page to include this information.