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All Hail the Heat Death is a 4-player isometric black hole shooter about skeletons that don't exist. Play as one of 4 colourful skeletons in this maybe reality as they desperately kill each-other in the newborn cosmos.  Bullets that collide create black holes. Black holes that merge create bigger black holes. The biggest black holes end the universe!


- 4 Player Local Competitive Gameplay!

- Black Hole Gravity Bullets!

- 4 Colourful Playable Skeletons!

- 8 Maps!

- 4 Weapons!

- 5 Featured Tracks!

- Environmental Hazards!

- The Heat Death Of The Universe!

All Hail the Heat Death was made in 1 month at Vancouver Film School as a portfolio project. 

All Hail the Heat Death was developed by:

Maceo bob Mair (@ItsTheMaceo) - Game Design and Art

Ben Breuer(@BlackMageMavvy) - Level Designer/Voice Actor

Allie Shackleford - Programming

Sermet Ugur Gurbuz - Programming

Daniel Shypilov - Composer

Taylor Hovey - Additional Programming


All Hail The Heat Death.7z 92 MB

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